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Villa Sole

Villa Luna

Casa Magnifica

Our Holiday Homes on Naxos

Holiday-Naxos offers exclusive vacation homes for rent on the beautiful island of Naxos. 

Our homes are new and modern, furnished with light and elegant colors. We focus on comfortable outdoor living with beautiful touches of paint. All of our homes have full functioning kitchens providing you the ability to prepare great meals unlike the small tea kitchens which are usually available in Studio apartments.

Along with being close to the beach, each home offers private swimming pool and jacuzzi or access to big and shared swimming pool area, just a few steps from your door.

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Do you return to Naxos year after year?

Do you find yourself consistently returning to Naxos?  Have you now realized that you love the island so much that you'd like a place of your own?  Then please consider contacting the team at Veronis Jakobsen and allow us to help make your vacation home dream come true.